Excited to announce the newest addition to the AllegisCyber portfolio - NetAbstraction. Leveraging the national intelligence and offensive cyber operations experience of Chairman and Founder Barbara Hunt and her team, NetAbstraction represents a new paradigm in enterprise and network security, materially reducing the visibility and apparent attack surface of network access points. A great example of leveraging offensive expertise to advance cyber defenses...

NetAbstraction, the network obfuscation company, today announced it has closed a $9M Series A round of financing led by AllegisCyber Capital to accelerate go-to-market activities for its cloud-based service that proactively prevents cyber attacks by disguising enterprise networks from detection. The company also announced the appointment of Gordon Lawson as its new CEO, succeeding founder Barbara Hunt who remains Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of the company.

As part of the funding, cyber security luminary Dave DeWalt and Spencer Tall, both Managing Directors of AllegisCyber Capital, will join the NetAbstraction board of directors.

"We are extremely pleased to be teaming up with AllegisCyber Capital to grow NetAbstraction's adoption among Global 2000 companies, we couldn't have better partners than Dave and Spencer in our corner," said Barbara Hunt, founder of NetAbstraction. "I'm equally glad to report that Gordon Lawson has joined our team as CEO to help guide the company through this important growth phase."

NetAbstraction protects the privacy and security of critical business activities by disguising and lowering an organization's cyber profile on the Internet. Its patented, carrier-grade cloud-based service obscures networks, communications, applications and data, and continuously varies network pathways across multiple providers.

"At a time when the attack surface of the average enterprise keeps growing, NetAbstraction enables companies to  shift their footprint, making it harder for adversaries to find and target their operations," said Spencer Tall, Managing Director of AllegisCyber Capital. "This is a powerful privacy and defensive strategy."

"NetAbstraction is making technical solutions once only available to the intelligence community accessible to enterprises," said Dave DeWalt, Managing Director of AllegisCyber Capital. "For large organizations, network obfuscation provides unprecedented protection against attacks."

"I'm pleased to be joining NetAbstraction as the company is transitioning from a startup to a thriving business," said Gordon Lawson, CEO of NetAbstraction. "This new round of financing and the expertise that Spencer and Dave bring to the board will help us capitalize on the immediate market opportunity for our products among the world's largest companies."

About AllegisCyber Capital
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About NetAbstraction
NetAbstraction enables organizations to protect the privacy and security of identities and systems by intelligently selecting and obscuring global network pathways on the Internet. The company's founders previously designed, created and implemented clandestine telecommunication networks for the NSA and CIA. NetAbstraction is used by Fortune 500 organizations globally to ensure their cyber operations remain secure, anonymous, and non-attributable. For more information visit https://netabstraction.com/, and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.